Woman with Ebola Symptoms taken to INOVA

Breaking News  1:00 PM  Fairfax, Arlington, Metro DC

A woman traveling on what appeared to be a tour bus or civilian style military shuttle disembarked at the Pentagon Parking Lot with eBola like symptoms, about 9:15 AM this morning.   The buses, oddly, were allowed to proceed across the river into DC, where they were pulled over by Metro DC in the area of 6th, Street.

INOVA Fairfax Regional Medical center has set up a quarantine and decontamination area at one of it’s entrances, and the unnamed patient has been taken there.  Four Paramedics were decontaminated at INOVA.

Uncomfirmed reports are that the patient has recently traveled from one of the “hot spots” for Ebola, Sierra Leone. She was seen to be vomiting in the Pentagon Parking Lot and this triggered a massive health, police and rescue effort.   The story continues to unfold as more information becomes available.

At this time, it is important to note, that the woman has NOT been confirmed to have Ebola, and there are no confirmed medical statements at this time.  Precautions were taken presumably because of the woman’s recent travel history, and flu like symptoms.



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