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  1. C. Est says:

    Creative Dance Center’s Competition Team Wins Big at NexStar Nationals

    Creative Dance Center’s Award Winning Competition Team scored big at 2012 NexStar National Talent Competition Nationals that were recently held at the Sheraton Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Competition Team competed 84 dances over the course of 5 full days of competition against studios from all over the United States. The results of their efforts brought home to Virginia a total of 14 National Champion Titles. The Competition Team’s Director, Ms. Ginny Frye, had this to say about the Team’s accomplishments: “I am super proud of my teachers, dancers, and parents. Everyone did an awesome job.”

    Although the team also received many other noteworthy scores, the following are only their first place National Championship Titles.

    THE BIG SHOW – 1st Place Winners Overall
    Petite Small Groups – “Can’t Turn Me Loose”
    Junior Small Groups – “For You I Will”
    Junior Lines – “Celebration”
    Teen Lines – “Cowboys”

    Petite Small Groups – “Can’t Turn Me Loose”
    Junior Small Groups – “For You I Will”
    Senior Small Groups – “Rain”
    Junior Lines – “Celebration”
    Teen Lines – “Cowboys”
    Teen Solos – “Gravity” A. Baptiste

    Miss NexStar 2012 – R. Hughes
    Teen Miss NexStar 2012 – A. Baptiste

    Choreographers, Ms. S. Frye and Ms. J. Frye, for “God’s Breath” and “Summer”

    Costume Awards for “To You” and “Trigger”
    Prop Award for “Cowboys”

    For a full list of NexStar Nationals Results, please visit http://www.godanceteacher.com/results/2012/40.pdf

    The Creative Dance Center Competition Team has earned esteemed accolades and national titles for their athleticism and artistry. In 2011 alone, these include: Top 10 Studios Nationwide by the Federation of Dance Competitions, 3rd Overall Teen Small Group and 3rd Overall Senior Large Group at the Federation of Dance Competitions’ 2011 World Dance Championship Series in Dallas, Highest Scoring Studio at the 2011 Star Systems National Competition in Myrtle Beach, and 9th Overall Studio Nationwide by Star Systems National Competition’s 2011 Reveal.

    The Creative Dance Center Competition Team consists of approximately 140 boys and girls ranging in age from 4 to 18. The dancers compete regionally and nationally in Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Open, Musical Theater and Contemporary categories. Although The Creative Dance Center Competition Team program’s primary focus providing a strong dance education, the program stresses the principles of strong teamwork: working hard towards mutual goals, building positive team spirit, and supporting other dancers. In addition, dancers are provided opportunities to volunteer and/or perform for various charitable community projects.

    To learn more about Creative Dance Center’s Programs, our Award Winning Competition Team, or for all the latest information on current and upcoming auditions, classes, and summer camps, please visit http://www.cdcdance.com, email us info@cdcdance, and/or call us at (703) 378-1800. And, support CDC by liking us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/cdcdance and following us on Twitter at CDCVA!

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