Telling the Truth — Is It a Thing of the Past?

By Arthur Crandon

Most conversations are now thru emails, posts, tweets, etc. Is it far easier now to tell lies and are we, because of this, doing it more often? And let’s face it, there are times when all of us lie. Do you tell your partner that you do not like the gift they just gave you? Do you tell your work colleague you really hate their new outfit?


Dr. R Ludwig, on the Today Show, said “Telling a little white lie every once in a while might actually be healthy when it comes to managing our interpersonal relationships.” Too right! How long would our relationships last if we answered truthfully to “Does my bum look big in this?”

Ok, don’t get too paranoid, just watch out for the following signs:

  • Keep an eye on the Body Language

Liars often cannot face people in an open way. Their palms might be folded tight and they might be fidgety. Their fist might be tightly clenched, or they may blush around the face and ears

  • Catching Liars by the Eyes

If you can understand the eye language, you will have a much better chance of knowing if you are being lied to. Most liars do not maintain eye contact when looking at a person. Some less experienced liars will look down when lying, and their eyes wander about.

  • Inconsistencies will show them up

Liars will often forget what they have said before and contradict themselves. If you suspect they are lying question them about what they have said in the past – see if they say the same things again or come up with a new story.

  • Liars may get become nervous

Watch for signs that indicate a high level of anxiety, like fidgeting, or stammering or sweating . A liar will frequently find it difficult to stay still and will need to move around or change sitting positions.

  • A liar may often give themselves away by talking

They are usually nervous and meek, too keen to agree and laugh nervously. They will often give short answers or non-committal, vague answers, and they are likely to avoid the subject which they fear will expose them.

So, how do we cope in this deceitful world? Most people are basically honest and do not tell lies that are likely to hurt us. Just try to be observant, your own intuition should serve you well – if you suspect that someone is lying they usually are.

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Image of Pinocchio by Joe Penniston for Express Monorail.

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Arthur Crandon is a lawyer and thriller author living in Hong Kong. Arthur blogs at Arthur Crandon’s Writing Matters. You can find his debut thriller novel, DEADLY ELECTION, at Amazon. Contact Arthur at his blog or email him at arthurcrandon@yahoo.com.

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