Thanksgiving: What It Really Means and Why It’s Important

    Thanksgiving:  What it Really Means and Why It’s Important by Vicki Hinze   Thanksgiving. The word means different things to different people.  It evokes different emotions in all of us. All words have power, [...]

The Thanksgiving Tradition And Why We Should Revere It

  The Thanksgiving Tradition And Why We Should Revere It   By   Vicki Hinze   When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of the feast—the smells, the food we usually include, the family gathered to share it. We think [...]

The Top Ten Things I Didn’t Get To Be Thankful For This Year

  I’m going to take a brief time-out from ironing my good leggings and giving a preliminary stretch to my Spanx, to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I’ll be eating turkey and trying to keep the twins from hiding mashed potatoes [...]

Super Simple Holiday Recipe

Kathy Owen shares with you a super-simple holiday appetizer Spiced Pecans, for this thanksgiving.  Spiced Pecans is a big favorite with our family. Because it’s salty-sweet, it also works as an offering on the dessert table. It’s something [...]

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

By Vicki Hinze   While this isn’t an article on writing specifically, it is a reminder to all writers that words have power—they can change lives, open closed minds and hearts, offer different perspectives that might be just what’s [...]