The Romance Doctors—Poolside Hussy Defense

By Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes As a Belly Dancer and a Spook, we represent classic romantic archetypes. Therefore, we are qualified to assist with all of your romance needs. With the month of romance upon us, Valentine’s Day is looming closer, [...]

Low Down, Dirty Dog In My Sheets

You know what my favorite part of the day is? Besides the kids going to bed. Yes, drinking my token beer before jumping on Twitter is great, but besides that. No, no, no. You’re right, trying to reach that one spot on your back, with [...]

Holiday Survival – Obnoxious Drummers and Unmotivated Hubbies

By Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes* This month, Holmes and I, a spook and an author/belly dancer, are dedicated to easing your holiday tensions. Let’s take a look at what’s on your minds this season. . . . image by Pazuzu, wikimedia commons Mr. [...]

What is It?

As a rule, I think the minute food turns purple, your culinary skills have probably taken a turn for the worse. Then again, if your culinary endeavors are already so sketchy your family sends a canary through the kitchen to make sure it’s [...]

Spice Up Your Married Life With “Beyond Dinner”

Beyond Dinner…More Than A New Way To Eat by Jenny Hansen   December ‘tis the season’ when Americans kick their schedules up a notch, from “really busy” to “downright insane.” The downside to this holiday insanity is it [...]

The Two Ingredient Betty

  December is the perfect time to share recipes. Not only is it festive and leaves you knee-deep in a thesaurus, trying to figure out what the heck a sugar plum is.. (and, sweet-Paula-Dean-In-a-Butter-churn, does anyone actually know?) …it [...]

We’re Sinking …Pass the Wine, So I Have Something To Hold On To

  I once read a statistic saying one-hundred-percent of houses tend to age at some point in their life.  And, I don’t know about you, but I tend to take the inside of Dove wrappers very seriously. I also take chocolate very seriously, [...]

A Penny Saved is Probably Someone Else’s

  I don’t know what your financial plans look like these days, but I can tell you, we’re starting to run out of space under our mattress. Not that there’s a whole bunch of cash under there. Actually, it’s a whole lot of IOU’s [...]

And The Toddlers Shall Inherit the Earth

  I’m probably the holiest person I know. And by that, I mean my jeggings are splitting and there are giant holes in every bra I own. Saintly? Dear me, no. The only way I’m getting into heaven is if God gets busy settling in everyone [...]