The Top Ten Reasons To Love Beer

I suppose, today, I could wax eloquently, and pretend we didn’t put every last effort into potty training this weekend, subsequently draining our will to live, but let’s just jump into the list instead…. 1.) If you put underwear [...]

Unemployment, a.k.a. “The Road”

By Piper Bayard* “The Road.” A post-apocalyptic tale of starvation, cannibalism, and the struggle to preserve that which is human within ourselves. Not only has this tale substantially increased the ranks of vegetarians, it is a great analogy [...]

Is Instant Gratification KILLING Marriage?

By: Amber Neal With modern technology making it so easy to cheat, why even bother getting married anymore? People are logging off of their marriage and logging onto a fantasy world that makes their life look boring and uninteresting. Over 35% [...]

Date Night Magic: A Review

  I’m over the moon right now. Not only is the hot coffee I’m drinking actually hot, and my leopard-print robe passably clean to wear another day, but the reviews are in. After I cheated on my hair stylist this past Saturday, [...]

Telling the Truth — Is It a Thing of the Past?

By Arthur Crandon Most conversations are now thru emails, posts, tweets, etc. Is it far easier now to tell lies and are we, because of this, doing it more often? And let’s face it, there are times when all of us lie. Do you tell your partner [...]

Low Down, Dirty Dog In My Sheets

You know what my favorite part of the day is? Besides the kids going to bed. Yes, drinking my token beer before jumping on Twitter is great, but besides that. No, no, no. You’re right, trying to reach that one spot on your back, with [...]

I’m Only Doing A Top Ten Because No One Thought of It…

I’m glad you’re here. As it happens, I was deciding on whether to eat the twins’ leftover pancake, or treat myself to something really special and eat an entire bag of mini doughnuts. But if I stop typing, I’ll be eating. [...]

10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog

10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog by Jenny Hansen All the pet-lovers out there can attest to the up sides to pet ownership but the biggest down side, in my opinion, is their short life span. They will always go before we do. That’s my [...]

Send It by Certifiable Mail

The spirit of the season has finally crept up on me. I’m not saying it’s OK to sneak up on me. It’s not. I startle easily, have no bladder control left, and only keep one extra pair of pants on standby. They’re not even [...]

Christmas Trees and Toddlers: A Guide

  Those of you who came to see if I left any PopTarts alive after breakfast this morning can leave. They’re gone. They didn’t put up a fight. They were delicious, slathered in nothing but the hope that all the calories evaporated, [...]