National Mother’s Day

Penny Thoughts: National Child Health Day

Are we giving our kids our best?                                                        –Vic Marten ___________________ Vic [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Irish Blessing Quotes There are a lot of Irish Blessing Quotes online.  I thought, in honor of the day, I’d share a few with you. Credit is given to all authors wholly and completely… May the sun shine, all day long, everything [...]

I’m Only Doing A Top Ten Because No One Thought of It…

I’m glad you’re here. As it happens, I was deciding on whether to eat the twins’ leftover pancake, or treat myself to something really special and eat an entire bag of mini doughnuts. But if I stop typing, I’ll be eating. [...]

Send It by Certifiable Mail

The spirit of the season has finally crept up on me. I’m not saying it’s OK to sneak up on me. It’s not. I startle easily, have no bladder control left, and only keep one extra pair of pants on standby. They’re not even [...]

Christmas Trees and Toddlers: A Guide

  Those of you who came to see if I left any PopTarts alive after breakfast this morning can leave. They’re gone. They didn’t put up a fight. They were delicious, slathered in nothing but the hope that all the calories evaporated, [...]

Super Simple Holiday Recipe

Kathy Owen shares with you a super-simple holiday appetizer Spiced Pecans, for this thanksgiving.  Spiced Pecans is a big favorite with our family. Because it’s salty-sweet, it also works as an offering on the dessert table. It’s something [...]

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

By Vicki Hinze   While this isn’t an article on writing specifically, it is a reminder to all writers that words have power—they can change lives, open closed minds and hearts, offer different perspectives that might be just what’s [...]