Unemployment, a.k.a. “The Road”

By Piper Bayard* “The Road.” A post-apocalyptic tale of starvation, cannibalism, and the struggle to preserve that which is human within ourselves. Not only has this tale substantially increased the ranks of vegetarians, it is a great analogy [...]

Going Gluten Free ~ Some Surprising Results

My Gluten Free Experiment…Better Than I Hoped For by Jenny Hansen With all the recent hooplah over genetically modified food and the call for labeling, I’ve been thinking about food and how it affects us. Until this year, I’d [...]

Who Knew Chickens Went On Strike?

  Who Knew Chickens Went On Strike? by Jenny Hansen I’ve got an eclectic family. We’ve got everyone from investment bankers to government workers, from ranchers to retirees raising chickens. Last time I visited my family in Missouri, [...]

The Two Ingredient Betty

  December is the perfect time to share recipes. Not only is it festive and leaves you knee-deep in a thesaurus, trying to figure out what the heck a sugar plum is.. (and, sweet-Paula-Dean-In-a-Butter-churn, does anyone actually know?) …it [...]

The Top Ten Things I Didn’t Get To Be Thankful For This Year

  I’m going to take a brief time-out from ironing my good leggings and giving a preliminary stretch to my Spanx, to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I’ll be eating turkey and trying to keep the twins from hiding mashed potatoes [...]

Tactical Bacon? That’s Nothing. We’ve Got Tactical Beer!

By Author Piper Bayard & Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* Recently, we discovered the ultimate bacon product, Tactical Bacon from thinkgeek.com. Because who would want to face the Apocalypse, a camping trip, or a simple plate of eggs [...]