Low Down, Dirty Dog In My Sheets

You know what my favorite part of the day is? Besides the kids going to bed. Yes, drinking my token beer before jumping on Twitter is great, but besides that. No, no, no. You’re right, trying to reach that one spot on your back, with [...]

A Penny Saved is Probably Someone Else’s

  I don’t know what your financial plans look like these days, but I can tell you, we’re starting to run out of space under our mattress. Not that there’s a whole bunch of cash under there. Actually, it’s a whole lot of IOU’s [...]

Tactical Bacon? That’s Nothing. We’ve Got Tactical Beer!

By Author Piper Bayard & Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* Recently, we discovered the ultimate bacon product, Tactical Bacon from thinkgeek.com. Because who would want to face the Apocalypse, a camping trip, or a simple plate of eggs [...]

Okay. I’ll Do It. I’ll Run for President.

 Okay. I’ll Do It. I’ll Run for President.  By Your Next Commander in Chief, Piper Bayard I don’t know about you folks, but I’m pretty disappointed in the self-serving, corporate-driven hairballs our political parties are [...]

Mike the Photo Law Suit Scammer Caught!

By Bayard & Holmes Recently, National Best Selling Author Roni Loren published an article about being sued for a blog photo that shook the blogging world right down to its ellipsis. Suddenly, bloggers came out of the woodwork, telling [...]

Chasing the Hill: Real Entertainment from Fake Politics

Review, Chasing the Hill By Bayard & Holmes Emmy nominee Brent Roske, Creator and Executive Producer of the new internet TV show, “Chasing the Hill,” has done the impossible. He has created a show about politics during campaign season [...]