One Connected Governor

People are Tweeting  CLOSE FAIRFAX SCHOOLS….(198 ReTweets at last count)  https://twitter.com/krobertory/status/552466804887805952




















Tractor Trailer Rig Closes Interstate 66 the major thoroughfare into Washington DC from the Suburbs… https://twitter.com/VaDOTNOVA/status/552485188023119873

Making fun of their local governments appears to have sparked some creative and funny posts:





The Virginia Governor Needs no Photoshopping of Course, he does fine all on his own.  Terry Mcauliffe demonstrating his “cool” and millennial connection, probably demonstrated one of the greatest disconnects of all time…


Doing a Photo Op in front of an UnPlowed Major Interstate.













But of course Governor Mac was manning those emergency phones back in Richmond “all hands on deck” he was quoted as saying, “we can’t have stranded motorists on my watch!”  taking this situation under his able control.   We wish.

Great Job Guvna!!   @GovernorVA

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