“Murder In The News”


Loudoun County, VA — StageCoach Theatre Company will stage  another original theatrical production to delight local audiences. “Murder in  the News” was written and directed by Sterling  resident Terry Smith and produced by Jerri Wiseman.  Other area residents in the cast  include: Gary Baker from Ashburn, Lisa Alford and  Herbert DuVall from Sterling, Jennifer Bonetti and Bob Rosenberg  from Leesburg, and Peter Markey and Jerri Wiseman from  Herndon.


There is murder in the  news and only you can solve this not-so-newsworthy mystery. Everyone has their  day under the sun and John Hatchett is no exception. He’s a powerful, ruthless  and successful investigative reporter who has made his living on the failures of  others. Mr. Hatchett, after years in the business, has agreed to be roasted for  a fundraiser at a local charity. What he doesn’t know is that some of his old “friends” have been invited to add some twists and turns to the evening – after  all, this is a roast. These friends are Doctors, Actresses, Developers,  Politicians and even a TV evangelist who have appeared in his articles and  suffered under his brand of investigative reporting. What was meant to be a  fun-filled evening for Mr. Hatchett turns into a hunt for a  murderer.


Dinner will be served at  the shows. Ticket prices and menu vary by location. Advance reservations are  required for catering purposes and most close one week before the actual  performance. Reservations can be made online at www.stagecoachtc.com/featured.  Shows will be held at the following venues:

  • October 20: LoudounValley Vineyards, 38516 Charles Town   Pike, Waterford,   VA 20197. Ticket price of $48 per person   include dinner buffet, 1 glass of wine and the show. Deadline for reservations   is Wednesday, October 17.
  • October   26: Leisure World of Virginia, 19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Lansdowne VA,   20176. For residents   and their guests only.
  • October   28: Fundraiser for the Amber Lucchiani Memorial Fund to be held at the Holiday   Inn Winchester SE, 333 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA 22602. Sunday show at   2:00pm. Ticket price of $48 includes luncheon buffet and the show. Deadline   for reservations is October 21.

Photos attached:

- The cast of Murder in the News: pictured left to right: Lisa  Alford as Congressman Liza A. Lot, Jerri Wiseman as Actress Gloria DeVain, Bob  Rosenberg as Rev. William J. McClintock, Jennifer Bonetti as Hostess Mitzy Diz,  Herbert DuVall as Businessman Marty Shakey. Seated is Peter Markey as Reporter  John Hatchett. Missing is Gary Baker as Chief Rufus  Stumblebeam.

- Reporter John Hatchett (Peter Markey) is confronted by Actress  Gloria DeVain (Jerri Wiseman).

- Congressman Liza A. Lot (Lisa Alford) speaks to the Rev. William  J. McClintock (Bob Rosenberg).

For more details, visit  the website at www.stagecoachtc.com or email jerri@stagecoachtc.com



Ms.  Jerri Wiseman

Producer and Co-Owner

StageCoach Theatre Company

Finalist for the Loudoun Chamber of  Commerce Tourism & Entertainment Business Award  2012

(571)  477-9444

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