Is Instant Gratification KILLING Marriage?

By: Amber Neal

With modern technology making it so easy to cheat, why even bother getting married anymore? People are logging off of their marriage and logging onto a fantasy world that makes their life look boring and uninteresting. Over 35% of people online admit they are married. Online dating is the “lazy man’s bar”. You don’t even have get out of your pj’s to find someone to cheat with! Not only are you putting your marriage in danger, but maybe your life and finances! This year’s studies are showing that 1 in 10 profiles online are a scam! Ladies, have you ever met a guy claiming to be trapped in a foreign country who claims that he has money but his wallet was stolen and needs you to wire him money so that he can come marry you and just just met last week? Scam alert!

It is staggering to find just how many people are cheating. It used to be something that men were commonly accused of doing but now, with websites like Ashley Madison where 80% of their clientele is women -it really makes me take a step back and wonder if anyone is faithful anymore? I know the answer is yes, but even guys that I have surveyed have told me that very few of the friends they know are faithful, like maybe 1 in 10.

How did all of this happen to where we are a society that has become tolerant of cheating? A lot of the younger generation 25 and under seem to not really believe in marriage and really who can blame them when they are looking at a 75% chance of divorce according to the 2012 stats of 1st marriages that end in divorce. As a matchmaker, Ive been searching for ways to lower the divorce rate and after looking at the stats of online dating from 10 years ago where 34.8% of people on Match.com ADMITTED they were married to the Wall Street Journal really are basically saying that we have now become a culture where “looking ” is acceptable.

It always starts out so innocent. I’m just going to “look and see” what is out there. In the back of your mind you are unhappy and God forbid he/she really pissed you off today, now you are logging online and logging off of your marriage. Everyone seems better than the person that you are pissed off at right? No relationship is perfect. Then it is “just drinks” and then before you know it it is “just dinner” and “just sex”…..people wake up!! We are the problem! Instant gratification is KILLING marriage.

It kills me how many people treat divorce like a pill you swallow. I’m not saying divorce can be prevented, but I am saying that we should not enter a marriage with the attitude that if it doesn’t work, then I’ll just get a divorce. It is for better or worse, sickness and in health, richer or poorer, FORSAKING ALL OTHERS, until death do we part. I just encourage you to really think about it the next time you want to “just look” if there is ANY chance you want to work out your marriage. Chances are good that you trade what you have now for someone else with issues, just different ones. It’s all about what you need in the relationship to not feel like you are giving up your needs, but at the same time, please stop and at least TRY to work it out with JUST HIM or HER.

Kind of hard to make love work when you are in bed with the rest of cyberspace. If it doesn’t work, then look, but TRY 100% honest and legit and not only can you say you really tried, but KARMA is much better next time around when you didn’t hurt someone else to make scratch your “INSTANT GRATIFICATION” itch. ♥


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