Fairfax Documentary Filmmaker Goes to Uganda Rwanda

As a documentary filmmaker, Mike Ricucci traveled some odd paths leading up to his trip to Uganda and Rwanda next week.   Ricucci has been studying the healing power of music, music history and music therapy ~ and documenting his travels on film.  Sometimes with just his trusty Apple iPhone, and at other times with a full filming crew and gear, Ricucci has certainly seen much on this journey ~ from kids who’ve since passed away from cancer, to the jungles of Ecuador.




Last month, the film crew saw the first ever medical music therapy program in Ecuador, and also traveled to Peru.  Here in the United States, Michael has traveled to 47 States, and is also involved in Instrument Donation.   His Cause is known as Beat Teams.  The Team will take slightly (and even brand new instruments) used Instruments and put them in the hands of kids who suffer from Cancer, Downs Syndrome, adults with Alzheimer’s, and Wounded Veterans.   The U.S.  has about 5,000 practicing music therapists, serving over 1.5 million patients.

Expanding the knowledge of music therapy is a goal of the Documentary, and spreading the practice through instrument donation, has often come through shear hard work; determination and grit.  For all of Mike’s travels, have often come from his own pocket, with no corporate sponsors or even Investors, he’s traveled the U.S. in a 2005 Sebring, and when that wore out, borrowed his dad’s Mustang and put 200,000 miles on that ride.    After coming back from Rwanda, the ever energetic Ricucci will be coming to a city near you!  He plans on doing another U.S. tour, in Fall of 2015,  filming footage and doing “Live” shows this time, on the road with Social N’s Live Streaming Media technology.  A true mixture of the newest technologies to help a great Cause and bring the healing power of music to the world!

YES!  I’d love to Contribute Financially to the Uganda Rwanda Trip and help Out!

 If you don’t have a credit card, If you have a PayPal you can donate to Mike’s Cause:   Michael@Terra-Rising.com

Interested in becoming an Instrument Collection Center?

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