Eyes of Lightning Book Review: Excellent YA Paranormal

Eyes of Lightning, a paranormal novel by debut author, Erin Keyser Horn, gives a fantastic blend of deep characters and gripping plot. The synopsis is this:
After a thousand years of curses, the Thunderbird’s secrets are about to be unleashed in the charming town of Galena, Illinois. Ivy is a normal fifteen-year-old girl . . . if you consider yellow eyes and storm-chasing urges normal. Life gets even more normal when she runs away from home to find Walter Nimiki, the grandfather she’s never met. It’s he who tells her the truth—Ivy is a descendant of the cursed Thunder Clan, so the boy she’ll someday fall in love with will die young. Walter believes Ivy is the hope the clan has waited for, the one who can end the curse. Before she can learn more, a terrible accident leaves Walter in a coma. Ivy can’t save Walter without the help of three boys: Gabe is keeping a promise to Walter, Cal always knows what she’s feeling, and Dan can’t stand the sight of her. Ivy doesn’t know what would be worse—failing to save Walter, or accidentally falling in love with a boy. Either way, someone will die.
You’ll be drawn into Ivy’s world from the very first page. She’s a strong, complicated, and sympathetic heroine, and the boys are just as engaging. Along with trying to discover how to end the curse, Ivy also deals with some very real-world problems: a father who won’t engage with her, a sick grandfather, best friend quarrels, being honest with yourself, and trying to do too much. Ivy’s character arc is clear and satisfying.
An interesting element to this book is the way Ivy depends on God through prayer and Bible reading. Though never preachy, Ivy has a relationship with God that is an innate part of her. The book was clean, with only a few swear words, which was a refreshing change from some of the other YA books out there. Although the spiritual and paranormal elements aren’t blended flawlessly, I appreciate how Ivy’s faith was woven into the story.
Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys clean fiction and excellent paranormal fantasy.
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