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An English textile designer began making decorative objects commercially in 1861;  modeling his designs on medieval styles and using bold forms and strong colors. Domestic images of the British countryside were his inspiration. In order to display the beauty of the materials and the work of the craftsman, some were deliberately left unfinished, creating a rustic appearance. Truth to materials, structure and function became characteristic of the British Remodeling movement in the United States.

And what could be more British that the name: Trevor Higginbotham.  Complete with his quaint British accent anglophiles in Fairfax are in for a delightful treat.  We caught up with Trevor on his rounds while inspecting an 1800’s house in Burke.  “Read your history.  George Washington, Lord Fairfax, George Mason, they were enthralled with items from Great Britain.  Their British purchasing agents were a reflection of their status here in Virginia, and their status as buyers.”  said Mr. Higginbotham.   “Not only did they buy their furniture and household items from Britain, their home designs and even clothing were very British.  We can’t escape the connection, even if we wanted to”.

Remodeling in the British Cottage Style is the use style improvements with checkerboard floors, and antique stoves ~  quite popular in Northern Virginia Remodeling.  http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/photos/0,,20708652,00.html


British Remodeling provides quality craftsmanship, expertise in remodeling and construction. Whether a home remodel or new construction, British Remodeling can provide a wide range of services. Always ensuring customers are satisfied. Make your home what you imagine it to be.

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