A Thousand Artists to make art at the Presidential Inauguration

A Thousand of Artists

A Thousand Artists™ presents

– A Thousand Artists to make art at the Presidential Inauguration

Instead of taking pictures with cell phones, legions of artists will quietly make art of all kinds at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. These artists are determined to encourage all Americans to make art and thus be more reflective and innovative.
A Thousand Artists want you (and everyone you know) to join them and make art—no matter if  it rains or snows.

– Why are people signing up to make art outdoors in the cold with A Thousand Artists?

“Art is Bigger than the Individual… I’d like to be apart of encouraging people to stop and think, and I want to stop and absorb and create with purpose of the moment,” says Stephanie Wirt, artist and art educator.

Washington DC based artist Sardar Aziz is painting a “Change” the historic change in American political approach and believes there would be peace if every American had an art-making practice.  Sardar built a mobile easel on wheels with storage to carry all art supplies. He will use anti freeze water for his acrylics.

Regardless of who you did cast your ballot for on November 6th, go to register to make art on January 21st.  Let’s see if we can’t create that more perfect union.


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